Absorbent Cotton 


Absorbent Cotton


Super Soft Cotton


Rubber Shield


Your old bandages are lame. They get soggy when you wash your hands. Their adhesives leave behind sticky residue on your fingernails. They can leak blood out during food preparation (or let lemon juice in, ouch!). The free edges of your bandages let in bacteria. Your cut will often dry out. If you apply an ointment to help your wound heal, it leaks out and gets everything greasy. Think about how many times a day you end up changing the bandage on your finger because it got dirty or wet or gummed up or just wouldn't stay in place. 

Well, now you have access to the game changer. Our bandages protect your wound from dirt and grime with the rubber shield while holding soft cotton against the tender wound. They are sturdy enough that mechanics can use them. They are flexible enough that a watchmaker can have one on and keep going. Our bandages grippy tips make it possible to pick up a dime.  What you get here is fundamentally different from and better than the old way. It's right here, just waiting for your tender, ouching, little fingertips.  

Developed by a board certified dermatologist.

Our bandages have been pioneered and perfected by a board certified dermatologist who loves to cook. Consequently, he  sometimes cuts his fingers. Dr. Stahr has created a bandage that is different from everything you have ever tried.

     The whole idea is pretty simple, really. We humans use bandages to protect wounds, prevent infection, and facilitate wound healing. Bandages are supposed to cushion healing skin, keep it comfortable, and sometimes hold medicated ointments in place. By focusing on maximizing these characteristics and going through innumerable prototypes, we finally got one that works. It works amazingly well. It is fun to use and it even looks cool.

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