Three pack

Three pack


We would love for our product to catch on with physicians so we are working to offer discounts for a three pack (which would include 30 fingertoppers) so doctor's office can get larger quantities easily. Dr. Stahr uses them for oozing after treatment for digital verruca, pyogenic granuloma removals. He has also applied them post nail surgery. Dermatologists and hand surgeons, we have you covered. If you doctors out there have other ideas for how we can better serve you, drop us an email!


 Instructions for use

                      Note: Fingertoppers should only be applied to finger wounds which have been carefully                                     cleaned prior to application

                       1) Cleanse wound thoroughly with soap and water prior to application of bandage

                       2) Select the size of bandage that seems most likely to fit the wounded finger

                       3) Open individual wrapper and remove bandage

                       4) Apply bandage to completely cover finger wound with cotton padding facing wound

                       5) Change bandage every 12 hours

                       6) In the event that wound seems to be taking longer too heal that expected or the                                               development of infection, seek professional medical attention immediately


Note: This product is for use in adults.

Caution: This product Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions

Sterile unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged

Made in China for Stahr Holdings Inc. 

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