Fingertoppers goes to freaking JAPAN.




Dr. Stahr and his brother, also Dr. Stahr, took some time off of work. They decided to visit the land of the rising sun during October 2017. They wanted to learn more about a culture that is fascinating and known to produce all kind of crazy inventions and fun stuff. Dr. Stahr wanted to share his bandages with some Japanese people and see what they thought. In the photo above you can see some workers at the world famous Tsukiji fish market and the men in the background are bidding on giant Tuna at an auction. It was really crowded and they tried to give those auction guys a bag of fingertopper bandages. Unfortunately, the Japanese police/security guards chased the Dr. Stahrs off because the next group of tourists was trying to come in and observe the auction. So, the Dr. Stahrs ended up giving some fingertoppers to the man in the red jacket in the picture below. He was cutting up tuna with a band saw. At first, Mr. fish sawing man didn't seem to know what he was being given, but Dr. Stahr was wearing a fingertopper on his thumb and pointed at the images on the bag. Then, the man smiled and bowed; it was a fun and humorous interaction. If he accidentally cuts his fingers up with the band saw, our company will be proud to provide relief to his tender ouching little bloody finger stubs. 



Im summary,  Japan is a really super happy amazing fun time. The Dr. Stahrs want to go back. The people to whom they gave the bandages really seemed to like them. 

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