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FingerToppers employees may not prioritize keeping up to date on the coolest smart phone apps out there; instead, they are busy spending their time doing stuff like trying to convince people to play the knife game or mumbly peg. Recently however, one of our tide-pod-eating millennial pals was kind enough to introduce us to Instagram and we LOVE IT!  We want you all to follow us! We also want to follow you and learn about you guys. So far, we've been going to our favorite restaurants and giving out bandages and taking photos. Because our company was created while cooking, and since we love food so much, we are probably going to start blogging about food on here too but we don't know for sure yet. Check this out too: We haven't been on Instagram for super long but we already have 100 followers! Super cool!! In our Instagram journey have been able to visit and share bandages with some of our favorites chefs and bartenders. Promoting FingerToppers has really be a blast because of who we get to meet. The interactions are invariable enjoyable. To all those who have been supporting us so far, we thank you sincerely for the positive response you are giving us. We hope you will continue to follow us along as the word spreads about these cool bandages.  If you are on instagram, we hope you find us there!

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