FingerToppers makes friends at the Culinary Institute of America




The Culinary Institute of America is the pretty much the most awesome cooking school in the whole entire world. Every time you go to an amazing restaurant, every truly memorable culinary experience of your life, every gastronomic masterpiece you have consumed..... chances are the CIA has either trained the creator or trained people who have influenced the person providing that experience. We are talking real heavy weight famous chefs here. Grant Achatz (owner of Alinea Chicago, one of the few three Michelin star restaurants in the USA) trained here. Thomas Keller of French laundry is on the board of trustees. Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain is an alumnus. Walter Scheib, the white house chef who fed our presidents studied at the CIA. The culinary institute had a hand in Iron Chef Cat Cora's career... the list goes on. Here in San Antonio alone, the CIA taught our Andrew Weissman (Signature, Moshe's, The Luxury, Sipp). James Beard finalist Steve McHugh and creator of Cured  is a CIA alum. Michael Sohocki of Kimura and Restaurant Gwendolyn is another CIA super chef. The CIA also trained  San Antonio's Johnny Hernandez and Diego Galicia. 



The point here is this: The good food, we mean the really good stuff is created by people linked to the CIA.


Dr. Stahr loves cooking almost as he loves being a doctor. Fingertoppers were invented while Dr. Stahr was cooking. Lots of these CIA chefs are sort of his heros. 


So, he decided to give his heros some bandages. He made a trip to their San Antonio campus, he met with CIA professor and super chef extraordinaire April Goess. He crossed his fingers, and waited to see what they think. 


Well, these text messages happened. This company is humbled and thrilled. If FingerToppers is able to build a long relationship with the Culinary Institute demonstrating our dependability and reliability and to help protect their fingers, that would be a dream come true. 









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