Fingertoppers makes surprise appearance at the Texas Restaurant Association's marketplace convention



The Texas Restaurant Association is kind of a big deal. Vendors, restaurant owners, guys who make super amazing ice machines, guys who sell exquisite ovens fryers, people who sell superb whiskey, bandage company guys..... people like this, they all attend the TRA conventions. The word on the street was that it usually makes for a pretty good time. So, Fingertoppers decided to show up and see what it was all about. Well, the word on the street was true because it was a blast! Our company made some good connections with various restaurant supply companies, cooking schools, and even cooking teachers from South Carolina (all the way here in Texas). We handed out bandages, talked about food, discussed why Texas is superior to the other states, and made connections. It was great!


To anyone who didn't get a pack of FingerToppers to try, we will be back tomorrow from around 10 to maybe four or so. We hope to see you there!



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