We here at Dr. Stahr's FingerToppers are a restless crew. We wanted to share our finger laceration relief with the whole world! So, we take it around the world. Last year, we took them to Japan. This year, we took them to Germany! Hooray! The folks of Deutschland probably cut their finger all the time making sausages and slicing up cabbage for kraut. We wanted to eat their food and sooth their fingers and we went on a journey and made some swell buddies.




This wonderfully pleasant fellow, for example, is Christoper and he makes the best drinks in Berlin at the Rittz Carltons Fragrance bar. We gave him some bandages are getting of taste of the work of a true mixologist. Anyone visiting that city should give it Fragrance bar a try. All of their drinks are inspired by famous perfumes and colognes. This sounds like an odd concept for a bar, but after visiting, Dr. Stahr now wants to go home and drink all of his cologne. 


 Check out this cool Texan we met in Berlin! Awesome! Dustin works at Mogg and makes probably the best Jewish Deli food we have ever had (and we have spent a lot of time in New York eating Jewish Deli food). He is constantly serving up the best pastrami on the planet right across from Pauly Saal the Michelin Star restaurant. It was great meeting him and we miss his sandwhiches already!



Be sure to stay tuned for more FingerToppers updates as they become available! As always, we welcome and ecnourage you to follow up on instagram at FingerToppers



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