FingerToppers Fixes Fingers in the Aloha State

Dr. Stahr recently had a chance to visit Hawaii for a taste of the island life. Hawaii is gorgeous! Wow. In addition to the magnificent natural beauty which the state absolutely embodies, the environment is also fraught with great food, machetes, and coconuts. It is quite a common to see a local using a scary looking machete to hack open coconuts. Check out this photo: Coconuts! Machetes! Mayhem!






One of the most Hawaiian experiences you can have is to drive on the road to Hana on the island of Maui. It's a breathtaking cruise through a lush tropical jungle. It also has a bunch of great places to stop and eat. That is where we met this fellow named Glen of Glen's Coconut Ice Cream.







What a cool guy. We ate his ice cream and gave him some bandages and learned his story. After he became tired of working as a chef in Boston, he got up and moved to Hawaii and just started selling coconuts on the side of the road. It worked! Then he had the brilliant idea of making the coconuts into ice cream. The lines for his ice cream are long and worth the wait because it is delicious! Try the lilikoi (passion fruit).


We gave Glen some bandages so if the machete slips, we want to be able to help him out. Glen, stay cool brother. If you ever visit Maui, go do that drive and visit them. He is helping us fulfill our mission of healing tender ouching little fingers across all 50 states. (We would never forget Hawaii.)






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